Photo courtesy of Holland Studios

Whether your special event is a wedding, an anniversary party or a family reunion, sharing memorable favors created by A Yen for Chocolate will enhance the elegance and festivity of the occasion.

We believe that choosing the right chocolate favor for your special occasion should be a personal and fun process, and our service is entirely customized for you. Choose dark, milk or white chocolate for the shell, and a delicious and imaginative all-natural chocolate filling. Our goal is to create chocolates that are perfectly suited to your taste preferences and presented in a way that best fits your occasion and style.

List of fillings:

Dark chocolate:

  • Salted caramel with brandy & cardamom
  • Vanilla & spices
  • Gianduja (hazelnut) & spices
  • Sour cherry & amaretto
  • Orange, ginger & cloves
  • Cinnamon pear balsamic

Milk chocolate:

  • Vanilla & spices
  • Gianduja (hazelnut) & spices
  • Whiskey

White chocolate:

  • Lime & coconut
  • Orange blossom water
  • Lavender & lemon bitters
  • Bergamot & orange